sexta-feira, julho 08, 2005

Double Dragon

Dragon Engen

Internationalism is the first compilation from Spiral Trax International, the sublabel of highly acclaimed trance outlet Spiral Trax. Since Spiral Trax is only releasing scandinavian music, Spiral Trax International is obviously catering for artists based in other parts of the world.

Internationalism contains both unreleased and released tracks. All of them are previously unreleased on CD though. There are a few of the early singles, like the now classic Atmos remix of S.U.N. Project«s Statistic. Smelling Trap by Peak Pilots who are also better known as Intact Instinct and Engen by Dragon taken from one of our most recent singles.

There are a couple of tracks by artists from the Flying Rhino stable. Cheesecake from a forthcoming release by Gus Till, who has been producing under various names like Bus and Slinky Wizard, and an unreleased track by Bumbling Loons vs. Planet B.E.N. A collaboration between James Monro, head honcho of Flying Rhino, Dick Trevor from the Green Nuns of the Revolution and the german progressive maestro Planet B.E.N. Swiss wonderkid X.V. Kilist and Bigwigs, a new project from polish boys Tromesa, are also featured with some unreleased gems and last but not least Mark Allen and Tim Healy under the name Quixotic.

These guys are mostly known for their seriously demented productions as Quirk. The unreleased tracks will also be released on vinyl as a limited edition DJ friendly doublepack.

Double Dragon

Mechanism is the long awaited follow up to our successful Internationalism compilation. Packed with fresh talents, as well as, well-known artists from around the globe. Double Dragon and Bushbumpas are taken from our two latest single releases. The rest is steaming hot unreleased material. Biodegradable, Neum and Shaff Puff are all new acts from the USA; Biodegradable is from San Fransisco, Shaff Puff are two Israelis living in Berkely and Neum is an upcoming producer from Philly.

Prisoners of the Sun from Cologne, Germany, recently released their highly acclaimed debut album on Sunset Recordings. Double Dragon is no stranger after his hugely popular debut album on Phantasm Records and the people behind Bushbumpas probably need no further presentation when we tell you that they are Sebastian Krüger (SBK, Tarsis, Discoslickers) and Antix from New Zealand. As a matter of fact, Philip Krüger, one of the producers in Quarz, (a brand new act from Germany), also happens to be Sebastian's brother. Allaby is Mathew Allaby; until now, an unknown producer from Manchester. Finally the epic monster ending the album is made by new-comer Proto-Culture from South Africa.

A truly global action pack that is reflecting the sound of now in the trance world, Spiral Tax International - setting the standards for the future!