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Hammerfall- Dragon lies bleeding

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The Celtic Dragon II

For centuries around the world, the Celtic dragon has
been a creature of myth and legend. Some people believe
that the dragon represents the principles of fertility.
It is believed that the dragon was created with as a
combination of elements when the appearance of life
first came about. When the first living cell was
born from the earth and the sky fertilized it by the
water and the wind, dragon was born from the seed of
the yin and yang. It is said the same process takes
place every year.

The ancients used to believe the dragons were creatures
of the parallel world. They possessed a power and
presence that affected the lay of the land.
The dragon legend is to be associated with the
nerve centers of seasonal fertility.

The vein is known as the path of the Celtic dragons.
It is considered to be the flow of energy of the earth.
When a dragon would stop and rest or cross, then that
particular spot would be called the vein. It would be
the place of heightened power. One of those places you
know today the dragons stopped at and became a place of
heightened power by the Celtic dragons is the Stonehenge.
A symbol of how the circle of life should be centered on
the power of the dragon is thought to be the Celtic Cross.

The role of dragons changed when Christianity was introduced
to the Celts. Some people claim dragons never did exist.
Some say the dragons didn’t come until the English arrived.
This is because there is no written record of dragons
recorded in the Celtic world. The stories of dragons
during the Celt era must have been entirely oral tradition
to tell the stories and have them live on for so many years.

When the Christians appeared and became, dragons suddenly
came about. It is said this is due to the effort Christians
gave to maintaining written records so they wrote about the dragons.
The Apostolic Church was known for being good at taking the beliefe
of the people and using the belief for their own benefit.
A good example of this is when St. George told the people
the power of the dragon is the power of the devil.
The Christians slayed the Celts.
The symbol is that St. George killed the dragon, known as Satan,
in order to save the maid, who was the symbol of Christianity.
The convenience for the Christians was that the dragon was the Celtic symbol.

Storytellers and craftsmen continue to revitalize the popularity of
the Celtic dragon. Dragons have never gone out of style.
For example, the Welsh display their flag with a Red Dragon
because it is known to lead the way.

The Celtic Dragon is symbolic and was known by the Celts as
a symbol of power. When the Christians came in and conquered
the Celts, they turned their symbol of power and theoretically
changed the symbol from power to evil. The Celtic dragon is
favored today and will be remain around for many centuries to come.

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John Lowe

"Why do you like dragons, I'm often asked. How can I NOT madly love dragons, I have to reply. Creatures the size of a 747, with wings and claws and scales and horns, of every conceiveable shape and origin, and that breath fire besides? Far too exciting to pass up. Dragons have accompanied mankind since the beginning; paragons of wisdom and symbols of immortality, they are no less the embodiment of evil darkness that inhabits us all. They soar against the stars, and they tunnel and writhe in darkness, hoarding treasure or gnawing at the roots of the universe. Mythical heroes hunt them mercilessly, modern heroes ride them to battle or aspire to become one of their race. Dragons will be with us, in all their diversity, for a long time to come."
(John Howe)

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Baby Dragon - Papier Machè

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Celtic Dragon

* The dragon is a mighty magickal animal; it represents vitality and energy.
* The dragon is symbolic of a union of the beneficial powers of the elements: Uniting water (the serpent) with air (the bird), it represents the coming together of matter and spirit.
* The whole Earth was viewed by the Druids as the body of the Dragon. Menhirs and stone Circles were located at great Power nodes.
* Another name for raising power is to invoke the "Eye of the Dragon."
* The beneficent aspects of dragon energy are displayed on the Welsh flag with its proud, red dragon.
* In the Far East, the dragon represented the positive aspects of primal energy.
* The infamous painting of St. George, the Dragonslayer, could be symbolic of the Christian destruction of Pagan beliefs.
* In some myths, the Dragon is also the "Witch Mother," and that's why she had to be slain by a male source.

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Origami Dragon

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S2 Adorando um dragão...

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Para guardar de lembrança...

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Für Dich nur noch einer....

Für mich, jeder ist andere...

Danke, Håvard !

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No time...

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Dragon Fire

His free

i see its fierey eyes, burning into me
they tell me "i want to die"will you do the deed
he knows that he is the last,and does not want to be
in one sharp pain his eyes go blank,and he starts to bleed

the pain the fear the lonelyness of life
his every thought ,his every fear all flowed into me
he wanted to die ,his heart now held the knife
but the pain was inside of me

i did it, it was me
i sladed the last
i let him go free
i freed him from his past

by Samantha Stewart of Tasmania, (c) All Right reserved

domingo, julho 31, 2005

Dragão Escandinavo I

“Nosso inconsciente, sem dúvida, decidiu pôr no Norte um mundo de quimeras ou utopias que, em nossos momentos de lucidez, sabemos muito bem o quanto é falacioso o seu caráter. Acontece que as imagens a que nos conduzem os mitos escandinavos têm demasiado encanto, ou melhor, magia: elas respondem às vezes absurdamente e muitas vezes ingenuamente, mas nem sempre magicamente à nossa necessidade de compensação”. (Régis Boyer, Os mitos escandinavos, 1997.)

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Olhos de Dragão

"A Dragon's Eyes"

Maybe a myth,
Maybe the truth,
No one knows,
No one knew.

Although some evil,
The rest were good,
Thought as a Fairy Tale,
and never fully understood.

People believe,
People despise,
And for those, you can tell
they never looked in a dragon's eyes.

Their strong wings flapping,
Attached to their scaly skin,
Up high they fly,
Into the wind.

People got scared,
As the moon would rise,
Hoping they wouldn't see,
A pair of dragon eyes.

The sun would set,
Some were glad,
For seeing a dragon,
Was worth more than they ever had.

Are dragons for real?
Or are they just lies,
You can decide when you look,
Into a dragon's eyes.

They lived here before,
On this very land,
But now live up high,
Because of the intrusion of man.

They do come out,
You can or can not see,
Because the race of dragons,
Will ALWAYS be.

We believe they are gone,
That they all have died,
But what can I say?
I can always see those dragon eyes.

Believe this poem,
Or shake your head with a few sighs,
But the truth is I wrote it,
While looking in my dragon's eyes.

by Amanda Maguire, (c) All Right reserved

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Dragão Símbolo

Kuden Jutsu
a self defense oriented art comprising 6 styles

American Isshinryu Karate - american freestyle forms
Okinowan Isshinryu Karate - 8 traditional katas
Weapons - Bo staff, Ahuara stick, Nunchuka, Tonfas, Romatron, Sai, and Samurai sword.
Limalama - wisdom of the hands - influenced by kung fu, kenpo, and okinowan te hand techniques
Polynesian Ground Fighting
Small circle Ju Jitsu - joint manipulation

Kuden Jutsu
The direct way to Self Defence oriented techniques.

Recognized in 1997 by the World Karate Union, Kuden Jutsu is a self defense oriented art that stresses hand techniques and close in-fighting. There are ten levels of study, ranging from White Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt. Students advance through 6 arts simultaneously, so students at a Green Belt level perform at a Green Belt level in all 6 arts.

The Kuden Jutsu Symbol is a battle dragon, with tail raised - ready to fight, coiled around a Romatron. The six lightning bolts represents the 6 martial arts make up Kuden Jutsu.

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Tears Of The Dragon


For too long now
There were secrets in my mind
For too long now
There were things
I should have said
In the darkness
I was stumbling for the door
To find a reason
To find the time,the place,the hour

Waiting for the winter sun
And the cold light of day
The misty chost of childhood fears
The preessure is building
And I can't stay away
I throw myself into the sea
Release the waveLet it wash over me
To face the fearI once believed
The taers for the dragon
For you and for me

Where I was
I had wings that couldn't fly
Where I was
I had tears
I couldn't cryMy emotions
Frozen in an icy lake
I couldn't feel them
Until the ice becan to break

I have no prayer over this
You know I'm afraidThe walls
I built are crumblig
The water is moving
I'm slipping away

I throw myself into the sea
Release the wave
Let it wash over me
To face the fear
I once believed
The taers for the dragon
For you and for me

Slowly I awake
Slowly I riseThe walls I built are crumblig
The water is moving
I'm slipping away

I throw myself into the sea
Release the wave
Let it wash over me
To face the fear
I once believed
The taers for the dragon
For you and for me

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Oração de São Bento

Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux
Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux
Vade Retro Sátana
Nunquam Suade Mihi Vana
Sunt Mala Quae Libas
Ipse Venena Bibas
A Cruz Sagrada seja a minha luz,
Não seja o dragão o meu guia.
Retira-te Satanás,
Nunca me aconselhes coisas vãs.
É mal o que tu me ofereces,
Bebe tu mesmo os teus venenos
Entenda o que está escrito na Medalha de São Bento.

A Medalha de São Bento, onde está gravada esta famosa oração, é considerada um sacramental, quer dizer, um sinal poderoso de fé. Diz-se que o uso da medalha protege contra as artes do demônio e concede graças, como a vitória sobre os inimigos e, é claro, sobre a tentação.

Na frente da medalha aparece uma cruz e as letras C S P B gravadas. Estas letras são abreviações da frase em latim: Cruz Sancti Patris Benedicti ou Cruz do Santo Pai Bento.

Na haste vertical da cruz estão gravadas as letras: C S S M L que significam Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux ou A cruz sagrada seja minha luz.

Na haste horizontal, as iniciais N D S M D: Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux ou Não seja o dragão (demônio) meu guia.

No alto da cruz está gravada a palavra PAX ou Paz, que é o lema da Ordem de São Bento.

Procure, a partir da direita da palavra PAX, as iniciais: V R S N S M V que significam Vade Retro Sátana Nunquam Suade Mihi Vana ou Retira-te, satanás, nunca me aconselhes coisas vãs. E as letras S M Q L I V B: Sunt Mala Quae Libas Ipse Venena Bibas ou É mau o que me ofereces, bebe tu mesmo os teus venenos.

A imagem de São Bento aparece no verso da medalha. Ele segura na mão esquerda o livro da Regra que escreveu para os monges chamados beneditinos. Na outra mão, ele segura a cruz. Ao redor da medalha, lê-se Eius in Obitu nro Praesentia Muniamur , que quer dizer: Que São Bento nos conforte na hora da nossa morte.

Lenda do Dragão

Lenda do Dragão
Xote de Colo
Composição: Desconhecido

Ainda era escuro quando eu
Saí daqui pra ver o mar
Bem pra longe de casa eu andei
Sentindo a alma quente ardente
Feito a chama que
Sai da boca do dragão
Só queria sentir essa brisa
Minha vida é mesmo emoção
Muitas vezes a gente precisa

Levantarmos em uma fração
Então virá uma força me empucionar
Vou viajar, eu vou longe vou ver o mar
Quando chegar eu prometo vou te avisar

E aí vamos forrozar lá na beira do mar
E a gente vai dançar até o sol raiá

Sabedoria do Dragão

"A timeless creature of wisdom, Benevolence and inspirations to the higher qualities of live"

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Mulher Dragão


Um dos animais fabulosos da mitologia grega. Era algo entre o leão e a cabra, ou, noutras versões, com três cabeças - de cabra, de leão e de cobra -, ou então, numa versão mais generalizada, um monstro com cabeça de leão num corpo de cabra e com uma cauda de serpente. Como o dragão, deitava chamas pela boca, para além de devorar homens e exércitos inteiros.

Quimera era filha do gigante Tífon e da víbora Equidna, monstro que era metade mulher e metade serpente. Foi criada por Amisodores, rei de Cária. Vivia em Pátera, na Lícia, região do sul da Ásia Menor (actual Turquia). A sua monstruosidade gerava sentimentos de medo e de repulsa, o que fez com que Ióbates, rei da Lícia, tivesse mandado a Belerofonte que aniquilasse Quimera. Esta era acusada pelo soberano de efectuar devastações e roubos no seu reino.

Belerofonte apenas a conseguiu matar graças à ajuda de Pégaso, o cavalo alado. Segundo a lenda, terá penetrado no corpo do animal pela garganta armado de uma lança. A ponta desta lança de Belerofonte era, segundo a lenda, feita de chumbo, o qual, aquecido pelas chamas soltadas por Quimera, se terá fundido no corpo desta, provocando a morte do monstro por sufocamento.

Existia também uma ninfa na Sicília chamada Quimera, a qual se apaixonou por Dáfnis.

A palavra quimera, tornada um substantivo comum veio a ser sinónimo de "criação ilusória da imaginação", de "ideia falsa", tendo também alimentado alguma iconografia medieval.

Double Dragon

Dragon Engen

Internationalism is the first compilation from Spiral Trax International, the sublabel of highly acclaimed trance outlet Spiral Trax. Since Spiral Trax is only releasing scandinavian music, Spiral Trax International is obviously catering for artists based in other parts of the world.

Internationalism contains both unreleased and released tracks. All of them are previously unreleased on CD though. There are a few of the early singles, like the now classic Atmos remix of S.U.N. Project«s Statistic. Smelling Trap by Peak Pilots who are also better known as Intact Instinct and Engen by Dragon taken from one of our most recent singles.

There are a couple of tracks by artists from the Flying Rhino stable. Cheesecake from a forthcoming release by Gus Till, who has been producing under various names like Bus and Slinky Wizard, and an unreleased track by Bumbling Loons vs. Planet B.E.N. A collaboration between James Monro, head honcho of Flying Rhino, Dick Trevor from the Green Nuns of the Revolution and the german progressive maestro Planet B.E.N. Swiss wonderkid X.V. Kilist and Bigwigs, a new project from polish boys Tromesa, are also featured with some unreleased gems and last but not least Mark Allen and Tim Healy under the name Quixotic.

These guys are mostly known for their seriously demented productions as Quirk. The unreleased tracks will also be released on vinyl as a limited edition DJ friendly doublepack.

Double Dragon

Mechanism is the long awaited follow up to our successful Internationalism compilation. Packed with fresh talents, as well as, well-known artists from around the globe. Double Dragon and Bushbumpas are taken from our two latest single releases. The rest is steaming hot unreleased material. Biodegradable, Neum and Shaff Puff are all new acts from the USA; Biodegradable is from San Fransisco, Shaff Puff are two Israelis living in Berkely and Neum is an upcoming producer from Philly.

Prisoners of the Sun from Cologne, Germany, recently released their highly acclaimed debut album on Sunset Recordings. Double Dragon is no stranger after his hugely popular debut album on Phantasm Records and the people behind Bushbumpas probably need no further presentation when we tell you that they are Sebastian Krüger (SBK, Tarsis, Discoslickers) and Antix from New Zealand. As a matter of fact, Philip Krüger, one of the producers in Quarz, (a brand new act from Germany), also happens to be Sebastian's brother. Allaby is Mathew Allaby; until now, an unknown producer from Manchester. Finally the epic monster ending the album is made by new-comer Proto-Culture from South Africa.

A truly global action pack that is reflecting the sound of now in the trance world, Spiral Tax International - setting the standards for the future!