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Dragão Símbolo

Kuden Jutsu
a self defense oriented art comprising 6 styles

American Isshinryu Karate - american freestyle forms
Okinowan Isshinryu Karate - 8 traditional katas
Weapons - Bo staff, Ahuara stick, Nunchuka, Tonfas, Romatron, Sai, and Samurai sword.
Limalama - wisdom of the hands - influenced by kung fu, kenpo, and okinowan te hand techniques
Polynesian Ground Fighting
Small circle Ju Jitsu - joint manipulation

Kuden Jutsu
The direct way to Self Defence oriented techniques.

Recognized in 1997 by the World Karate Union, Kuden Jutsu is a self defense oriented art that stresses hand techniques and close in-fighting. There are ten levels of study, ranging from White Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt. Students advance through 6 arts simultaneously, so students at a Green Belt level perform at a Green Belt level in all 6 arts.

The Kuden Jutsu Symbol is a battle dragon, with tail raised - ready to fight, coiled around a Romatron. The six lightning bolts represents the 6 martial arts make up Kuden Jutsu.


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