segunda-feira, julho 25, 2005

Olhos de Dragão

"A Dragon's Eyes"

Maybe a myth,
Maybe the truth,
No one knows,
No one knew.

Although some evil,
The rest were good,
Thought as a Fairy Tale,
and never fully understood.

People believe,
People despise,
And for those, you can tell
they never looked in a dragon's eyes.

Their strong wings flapping,
Attached to their scaly skin,
Up high they fly,
Into the wind.

People got scared,
As the moon would rise,
Hoping they wouldn't see,
A pair of dragon eyes.

The sun would set,
Some were glad,
For seeing a dragon,
Was worth more than they ever had.

Are dragons for real?
Or are they just lies,
You can decide when you look,
Into a dragon's eyes.

They lived here before,
On this very land,
But now live up high,
Because of the intrusion of man.

They do come out,
You can or can not see,
Because the race of dragons,
Will ALWAYS be.

We believe they are gone,
That they all have died,
But what can I say?
I can always see those dragon eyes.

Believe this poem,
Or shake your head with a few sighs,
But the truth is I wrote it,
While looking in my dragon's eyes.

by Amanda Maguire, (c) All Right reserved