terça-feira, dezembro 22, 2009

John Lowe

"Why do you like dragons, I'm often asked. How can I NOT madly love dragons, I have to reply. Creatures the size of a 747, with wings and claws and scales and horns, of every conceiveable shape and origin, and that breath fire besides? Far too exciting to pass up. Dragons have accompanied mankind since the beginning; paragons of wisdom and symbols of immortality, they are no less the embodiment of evil darkness that inhabits us all. They soar against the stars, and they tunnel and writhe in darkness, hoarding treasure or gnawing at the roots of the universe. Mythical heroes hunt them mercilessly, modern heroes ride them to battle or aspire to become one of their race. Dragons will be with us, in all their diversity, for a long time to come."
(John Howe)